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What’s Your Story


Nostalgia for a time you’ve never known

I am drawn to the lost, the forgotten, the torn and yellowed items of the past. I find there is beauty in the these time worn, forgotten ephemera and I love the story that is created when they are brought together with paste and sealed with wax. I gather bits and pieces of memories and bind them together with glue into Salvaged Memories. I often enhance these pieces with ink, coffee, photos, threads, gold leaf and ultimately, beeswax.

My salvaged fodder includes found and hand created papers, old magazines and books I find at garage sales and flea markets. Packaging and shopping bags and old envelopes.

Hand written letters, sewing patterns, maps, old notebooks or receipt pads, music books, children's books and manuals all have unique properties that can add something special to a collage.

And then there are the torn and wrinkled black and white photos of people you may know - or may not have any idea of their identity.

These collected papers and ephemera form the basis for a myriad of stories.

Each scrap, if on its own, may look to be just an ordinary paper, or ragged and stained trash, but when brought together with paste and wax, they form a complete story. Each individual piece contribute to the your story and the memories they evoke.

These individual pieces each contribute to your story and the memories that evokes.

I am offering you the opportunity to learn how to tell your story in collage and beeswax.

Come create your own story in one of these Salvaged Memories Encaustic Classes

The Paint Spot, Edmonton Ab

Friday March 24-6:30-8:30 and Saturday March 25 - 10-4.


St Paul Visual Arts Centre, St Paul, Ab

Friday April 21-6:30-8:30 and Saturday April 22 - 10-3:30.


Chuck MacLean Centre, Camrose AB

Friday April 28 6:30-8:30 and Saturday April 29 10-4

Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people never thought you would.



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