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New Beginnings and Hard Decisions

There is something about New Year's Day. It feels like a fresh new start, a time to reset, to make a change, to put those ideas that have been bubbling in your mind into plans for the year. It used to be called 'making new year's resolutions' - you know, those goals you jumped into whole hog on Jan 1 but usually lost your way by Jan 31.

I used to do that - make that list of all the things I wanted to accomplish in the coming year. I've come to realize as the years have gone by that it is much more important to look back at the year that passed and from that choose the way forward.

2023 was the year I turned 70. How did that happen! I've never had a problem with the other milestone birthdays I've hit in any way, but 70....70 was a hard one. It made me feel like I was old, it made me reflect on all that I hadn't done, and all that I should have done. Kind of a downer, right?

It's not like I just sat in my rocking chair. I actually did a lot. 2023 was a very BUSY year for me. I taught 13 classes & workshops all over Alberta, took part in several markets, art shows and popups and worked on several events for the Camrose Arts Society.

What I did not do in 2023 was create.

I rarely got into my studio and to be honest, I felt burned out and uninspired. I also found it taking a toll on my health. I have an autoimmune condition (several in fact) that I am coming to the realization I need to take care of.

So after much soul searching, I have come to the decision that I will not be doing any more teaching.

It is a hard decision as I love introducing students to the magic of encaustic, but the time has come for my health, to make the change that will make my 71st year better than my 70th. I have a couple of commitments already planned, however will not be setting any further teaching dates for classes, workshops both outside and in studio.

Thanks to all those who have taken classes with me. I have enjoyed the fun, the laughs, and the joy in seeing you discover the magic of painting with fire.

Here's to 2024 - may your year be bright and full of creativity and joy!


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