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And Suddenly It’s Fall

Does anyone else feel like this year is speeding by? Here it is fall already and I feel like it was just January two months ago.

So Happy September! My social media is full of shiny kids heading back to school, the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and I am getting requests for classes and workshops.

While I don't have much on the go until 2024, I have a couple of classes squeezed in amongst our fall plans. So if you are interested, please check them out!

Fall Classes

September 16 - St Paul Visual Arts Center - St Paul AB. While this class is most likely full by now, please check with Renee as to whether she has any room at all.

September 30 - Sandholm Hall, Mameo Beach. Encaustic Sampler - Exploring Painting with Beeswax. This class is partially funded by Leduc County for seniors. Senior Residents of Leduc County will be given priority - others will be on a wait list as per the grant.

Contact Debbie

October 28 - City of Camrose, Chuck MacLean Center, Camrose

Exploring Encaustics - The Art of Painting with Beeswax. This is a beginner/intermediate class to introduce you to the medium of painting with beeswax techniques. Register with Chuck MacLean Center 780 672 9949.


I already have several requests for classes in 2024 so next year promises to be another busy year. It you have any ideas for what you'd like to learn from me, please reach out.

Studio Time Bookings

I am also thinking of opening some studio time for bookings where you can bring your work - or work on something new with me to guide you, answer your questions and solve your problems. (Encaustic problems only - 😉). You'll be able to use my supplies. Bring your own board. This would be one on one for four hours. Let me know if this is something you'd find helpful.



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