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Encaustic Workshops

Have I mentioned I love teaching others about the fascinating medium of encaustic?

I am excited about several opportunities to teach this fall.

I have TWO workshops at Upper Level Gallery in Vermilion, Ab.

Playing With Wax is an introduction to the wonderful world of encaustic. This workshop is a great way to dip your toes into this medium by creating a sweet prairiescape.

Then I will be teaching even more encaustic techniques in Playing with Hot Wax and Photos. This workshop requires the student have taken some previous encaustic class. You will learn even more encaustic techniques as well as interesting ways to create texture.

Registration in both of these workshops is limited to 8 so head over to Upper Level Gallery to sign up!

I also have some more exciting announcements about teaching this fall coming shortly so if you can't make it to Vermilion, stay tuned for the details.



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