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I recently took a zoom workshop with Veronica Funk through FCA Calgary on the business side of Art. It was an excellent workshop, very informative and helpful in writing Artist Bios, Artist Statements and CV's as well as general marketing as an artist. I would encourage you to browse through Veronica's website.

I did update my Artist Bio and my Artist Statement. My CV will take much longer as I really have never made one. That means I need to go way back into my memory to figure out everything I have done as an artist.

It also made me realize I need to keep my connection with my followers alive. To that end I have renamed my blog with an eye to writing shorter posts with tips, news and notes from the Studio. Hopefully it will be a weekly sharing.

I will soon be sharing my Spring 2023 Encaustic Teaching Schedule. To date I have 8 classes scheduled. Stay tuned for details if you've wanted to take a class with me.

Have a great week



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