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A New Series

This past year has been crazy, wild, sad and in many ways a complete gong show. This lockdown has been in place for exactly a year now in one form or another. It has meant artists and creatives have had to figure out how to share their creative endeavours in completely different ways. Some have worked, some have fallen by the wayside.

It feels like the end is in sight now, I know I started to feel like being in the studio a couple of months ago. I did some encaustic paintings that are now at Upper Level Gallery in Vermilion.

In February, I started a new Encaustic Series based on prairie scenes. I called it Prairie Postcard Series. 11 new paintings from references and my travels throughout the province over many years.

From East to West and North to South and season to season there is lots of inspiration just waiting to be interpreted artistically. Full of color and texture, these paintings are my interpretation of iconic Alberta prairie scenes. They are available for sale through my website or by contacting me via Email.

I hope you enjoy my prairie travels


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