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A Hot Time Was Had By All

Yesterday I had my first ever Studio Class!

I have taught many encaustic workshops over the years but have always had to schlepp a carful of supplies and equipment to the site.

Having a small group of three students in my studio was such a wonderful experience.

Anyone who has ever painted in encaustic knows there Is a myriad of different techniques and directions the medium can go. They decided they would like to create an landscape so that is the direction we went.

I always say that there is an artist in all of us and yesterday proved that. While these three ladies are all artistic in their own mediums, their styles came out in their paintings. While they had to wrap their heads around moving where the melting wax took them, they embraced the medium and each created their own unique landscapes.

They left the class eager to start collecting supplies and get together to work in wax. All in all it was a great day.

If you are interested in taking one of my studio workshops I have planned one for Feb 1 which has 2 open spaces and one for Feb 29 that still has 2 open spaces. Or grab a couple of friends, pick a date and send me a message to set up a class. FEB 1 class

Please note that the Feb 1 class will be a ‘next steps’ class. We will concentrate on using the medium in an abstract way, it is assumed you have a basic level of encaustic experience. We will also use shellac burn technique as well.


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