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What’s Ahead For 2019

2019 - How did we get here so quickly? My mom used to say that life speeds by faster and faster the older we get. As the years fly by, I can say it sure feels like it does.

As we move into 2019, life is changing for us, My hubby retired in 2018 and we have settled into a new lifestyle. We are looking to make a move further north in 2019 to be closer to family which is exciting yet at our age, already exhausting.

I have already started organizing (dunging) out my studio which has actually been a good thing as I’ve managed to corral like art supplies in individual containers.


So what is coming up in 2019 in the studio?

I am teaching an Encaustic class in a couple of weeks which will be fun!

In preparation for moving, I am looking to have a massive STUDIO SALE, so if you have been looking at having a piece - or two of my artwork in your home, stay tuned!

I have registered for another Susan Woolgar Abstract Landscape Class. Even though I just took her class in September, I still feel I have a lot to learn about abstraction.

There are some art shows and markets in 2019 that I am looking to take part in, however timing is everything given our move.

As far as my art goals, I am giving myself permission to just be with whatever happens given the uncertainty of selling our house, finding another one and making a move. I am hoping to find a vibrant art community to join in the Camrose area as well as a new market to introduce my art to. All in all, 2019 is looking to be a year of change, which I find exciting.

So from me to you, wishing you a very Happy New Year and my all your dreams come to pass and all your goals fall into place.

And THANK YOU to all those who have purchased my art, it is especially gratifying to have something you have created be loved enough by others that they want to have it in their home to enjoy.

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