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Outdoor Artisan Market

UPDATE - On the second day of the market - Sunday, we are moved inside CASA in the community room. Thankfully it will be warm and most importantly --- NO WIND!!! Come and see me - and all the other participating artisans.

Today and tomorrow I, along with my trusty helper, will once again be setting up at an outdoor market - this time in Lethbridge in Rotary Square.

Rotary Square is located on the east side of CASA.

These outdoor markets sometimes make me wish I worked in something simpler to transport than artwork - and especially encaustic artwork. Because each encaustic painting has to be wrapped individually to protect it in transport. And I need display racks.... and easels.... and shelves.... and a tent. And the tent requires concrete blocks to weigh it down against the unpredictable Southern Alberta Wind.

Thankfully I have my trusty helper - who is giving up a weekend during hunting season to help me. What a guy!

But the bonus for all the packing and transporting and setting up is meeting all the people who stop by and telling them about my artwork - and encouraging them to feel my encaustics.


You actually let people touch your artwork?

(insert cringing emoji)

Yep....I sure do! In fact I encourage it!

How else can they get the full understanding of the silky smoothness of a perfectly fused surface.

Or the craggy, tactile surface of a highly textural area.

It's all part of the experience of actually 'seeing' my artwork.

I know there will be artists out there who cringe at the fact I let people touch my paintings, but really, until someone buys one, they are MY paintings and therefore subject to my rules.

I hope if you are in the Lethbridge area that you will come by the Outdoor Market and see me.

I'll be in the tent where visitors are touching the artwork!

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