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I am always excited when I take my encaustic painting in a new direction. Adding ecoprints to encaustic did just that!

You will remember in my last couple of posts, here and here I discussed my foray into ecoprinting. My last batch was full of serendipitous results - some clear, some diffused and some were really quite blah. But that's the mysterious and exciting part of ecoprinting. I suppose like any art form, learning to control the outcome is part of the journey.

Combining Ecoprints With Encaustic

Beautiful leaf prints and textured wax


I wanted to combine the beauty of these prints with the luminosity of wax to take my encaustic painting in a new direction. I wanted to keep them simple to allow the ecoprints to be the star. My solution to use color blocks of encaustic paint to allow the prints to take centre stage.

Perfect for sitting on a shelf

Faeridae 5" x 10"

Nerida 4" x 8"

What's In a Name?

The naming of paintings is always a conundrum for me. Some artists have such a knack for unique and interesting names - that's you Angela Morgan. I struggle with it. In the case of my encaustic ecoprints I thought about the garden and fairies came to mind. So these paintings are named after the fairies who magically inhabit the garden. It was fun matching names to each painting.

Faye 3" x 18"

To Hang or Not To Hang

With these paintings, I have given a variety of display choices. In many cases, I have installed hardware to allow for hanging either horizontally

Raisa 3" x 18" horizontal orientation

or vertically.

Raisa 3" x 18" vertical orientation

Or... if you have no wall space, they sit beautifully on a shelf or mantle.

Raisa 3" x 18"

Donnella 3" x 18" Vertical Orientation

Donnella 3" x 18" Horizontal Orientation

In some cases, I added glass beads and vintage inspired tags to the paintings to add another textural dimension.

Elga 6" x 6"

Or kept it simple with strips of colored wax along the sides....

Breena 10" x 20"

or simply covered the print with encaustic wax.

Elfredda 6" x 20" Closeup

Elfredda 6" x 20"

I will be showcasing them at the Taber Arts and Crafts Fine Art Show and Sale on August 26 in Taber. You can also see them - and my other paintings on my website.

I am loving how these turned out. How about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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