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Hot, Waxy Studio And A New Series

It's been a HOT summer so far but I have been busy in the encaustic studio creating a new series based on something new I am in the process of learning - ECO PRINTING.

What is Eco Printing, you ask? You can read more about it on this informative site.

Basically, it is printing plant material under heat/steam layered between fabric or paper. It is fascinating to see what prints and what colors materialize once the packet has cooled and been opened. Below are some photos of my first attempt. I have done it a few times since with different results.

Gather plant material - these apple leaves print beautifully

Add some rusty washers here and there....

layer material between sheets of watercolor paper, tie into a bundle and suspend over hot water in an old roaster. Weigh down with bricks.

Steam 2 hours.

The hardest part is waiting for it to cool before opening.

Peel the plants off and lay out to dry.

Yummy prints - those tiny apples made interesting circles

More Yumminess.....

I made bookmarks - those rusty washers....ahhhhhh

You never know what color you will get - every plant prints differently.

The rusty washer adds an extra detail.

I have been using these eco prints in a new encaustic series and have created a bunch of paintings using the prints along with vintage and vintage inspired objects. It's so much fun to use them under wax - the wax totally changes the print. Check out more of my eco print encaustics in the encaustic shop on my website here.

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