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8 x 8

Encaustic ~ Antique photos, Found Documents, Ink, Old Book Papers, Antique Key, Handmade Papers, Oil Stick

I am excited to introduce a new series of personalized encaustic paintings offered on a commission basis. These encaustic assemblages are made up of old photos, keepsakes, historical papers, and documents that will create a story about an individual or a family. Each slip of paper, photo or token represents a fragment of history to be displayed in a unique and artful way.

8 x 10

Encaustic ~ Antique photos, Found Documents, Ink, Old Book Papers, Antique Rail Nails, Shellac, Oil Stick

How does it work?

Well, you send me photocopies of personal memorabilia – they can be pictures, documents, letters or other keepsakes that make up your or your family’s story, and then I will use these, along with bits of my own salvaged ephemera and layers of beeswax to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind encaustic painting, making a wonderful gift for someone special or even just for yourself.

These encaustic paintings are done on birch cradled panels, and can hang on the wall or sit on a shelf.

6 x 12

Encaustic ~ Antique photos, Found Documents, Ink, Old Book Papers, Copper Leaf, Images, Oil Stick

Types of personalized items that can be used are




Photos (people or places)


Trinkets or keepsakes

Historical papers

Envelopes with addresses

Bits of fabric or lace


Floor Plans

Travel Brochures


Don't have any documents or family photos?

I am a able to collaborate with a genealogist who can search your family history for documents and photos for an additional cost of $75 over and above the costs below should this be something you might want to do.

Available Sizes and Pricing*

(horizontal or vertical orientation available)

8 x 8 $150

6 x 12 $175

8 x 10 $160

12 x 12 $200

12 x 16 $225

8 x 24 $250

11 x 14

Encaustic ~ Antique photos, Found Documents, Ink, Old Book Papers, Images, Leaf, Oil Stick

Let me help you capture your memories.

Contact me at to discuss your story. Or check out my other available artwork here.

*Website shipping rates apply.

Update - I am able to collaborate with a Genealogist friend who will research your family for documents & photos you may not have. Rates for her service are $75 (based on 2 hours of research) over and above the prices quoted above. You would also receive a package containg the documents she found in her research. Something to consider if you don't have alot of your family history in your possession.

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