From The Palette To The Wall

This morning I woke up at an ungodly hour but that's another story....

Let's just say it is now 6:30 am and I have already painted a textured encaustic painting and am about to blog about it.

Crazy....I know.

Because so many of you are fascinated with how I create these encaustics, I thought I would share the process in photos.

I had a 6 x 6 cradled panel that I had started with some book pages and a pattern fused onto a white wax base. I dipped some paper ribbon from a gift I received into wax and adhered that to the surface.

I am using encaustic medium made from natural beeswax to give an antique look. You can see how yellow it is against the original white wax. I added wax over the ribbon - fused it with the heat gun (because I have learned the hard way that using a torch on paper causes flames) and then added some cheesecloth dipped in wax to add more texture. I also added a bit of paper torn from a picture in an old book.

I added part of a poem ripped from an old book on top of the paper bit and added more wax over top. I also dripped some wax here and there to add more texture. I decided to chance using the torch. I did have a couple of small flames but that just adds another element to the finished piece....right?

Next I pulled out my R & F pigment sticks.

I LO-VVVVE these yummy sticks. Soft, seductive and oh-so-beautiful!

Alizarian Orange, Indian Yellow and Turkish Umber Greenish rubbed into the wax gives such a wonderful, transluscent glow.

On to the next layer -- I pulled out my alcohol inks. I spread some black ink here and there then used the torch on it which caused some pretty interesting effects.

Now for the real fun. Shellac. I used Amber Shellac. Sometimes I use Clear Shellac and mix it with pigment powder for a different effect.

I brushed it on parts of the painting - dribbled some with a stick then I shook some Pearlex powder onto the wet shellac. I did drybrush some white pigmented wax onto the textured areas and rubbed a bit more oil stick into them before I added the shellac.

After a supposed hour or so to let it dry.....10 minutes in my world.... I fired up my torch again and hit those shellac areas.

Oh how I love what happens. The shellac moves and splits and creates such interest. And the pearlex melts and creates a wonderful irridescence.